Tuesday, February 8, 2011

in total agreement.

I actually don’t think of them as that bleak or that bad, you know? “Terrible Love” the first song is about when you have an extreme emotion. Sometimes that’s the best, when you first just fall into infatuation with someone. It’s terrible, but it’s also intoxicating. “Sorrow” is about a person’s love affair with his own sadness. Sorrow is something they don’t want to lose. Maybe they’re told they should get over this—you know, take the pill and be happy. Sadness is not always the worst feeling. Sometimes it’s a really pleasurable thing to be overwhelmed with sadness. When I’m writing lyrics I’m listening to the music that those guys are sending me and usually drinking wine and just sort of falling into it, sort of losing myself and just writing down thoughts. As much as I try to not be so heavy, it’s just so much fun to think about these things and write songs about that stuff. “Sorrow” is almost a pop song to me. It’s a catchy ditty about sorrow.

- m. berninger