Thursday, July 30, 2009


See you next week.


p.s. Look forward to travel pics, my review of The Reader, and positive mention and praise for an indie flick I just saw.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Toronto, anyone?

we're starting a book club.

Kicking and Screaming (1995). Directed by Noah Baumbach. BRILLIANT.

It's wry, dry, chopped up humor. This film would have meant so much less to me two or three years ago, but now, at 21, it's unbelievably fitting. It's the ultimate I'm graduating/have graduated, wtf do I do with myself flick. This is where I'm at, and I know a lot of us are in the same boat.

Do me a favor, and see this movie; the trailer up top doesn't do it justice. I think it'll be one that I can see time and time again, while always managing to glean something else from it. The dialogue hits in such a way as to catch you off guard. It's always gonna be fresh :)


Monday, July 27, 2009


You know that track by White Lies that I posted a few days ago? Apparently the music industry gods did not want that one out on the nets... my post was deleted! Rundown of Revolutionary Road and all :( I'm slightly miffed - I didn't have that saved anywhere else unfortunately. Ohhh wellllll.


Merce Cunningham.

I wish I had pursued ballet beyond high school. Not so much a regret, just a passing notion.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

j. lew

Click! & connect to shots of Jenny Lewis from Thursday night. Thanks go out to ultra8201. Thank god someone had their shit together and brought a camera ;)

Happy Saturday! We're grilling out in a little bit, maybe doing some hot-tubbing, and quite possibly watching Gremlins (and Gremlins 2?). Someone made an exceptionally poor decision and sold their copy of Gremlins back to Half-Price Books. Seriously, people. That is a movie that you simply do not sell. I also picked up Mulholland Drive (old favorite, gotta love Lynch every once in awhile), a collection of essays by Klosterman (LOVE him, duh SD&CP!), The Reader (yes, I keep reading books that have been turned into movies, which also just happen to star Kate Winslet - is there a problem with this?), and We Were the Mulvaneys (impulse buy, award winner, just embarrassed that it was an Oprah selection).


Friday, July 24, 2009


smothering by miss aniela

IMPORTANT UPDATE - As I realized my post count wasn't adding up correctly on the left-hand side of this screen (i.e. it didn't equal the 100+ my Blogger dashboard had been telling me I had), I knew something somewhere was at fault! I went back through the post editor and found that there were several drafts saved that were counting as "posts." That issue is now corrected. Ahhh the embarrassment! My head was, quite obviously, in a box.

Guess what? THIS is post one hundred. Yep.



Yes, that is my brother at Video Games Live in Houston.

It's FRIDAY!!! ... which is somehow not nearly as great as it is during the school year, but it's still mildly pleasing all the same. I'm not sure what's on the docket for tonight; there's no way in hell it could possibly top last night, though. AFS hooked me up with FREE tickets to see Kaki King and Jenny Lewis in a private concert over at The Parish. The event was sponsored by Converse and Target in conjunction with the Wanderlust Festival, taking place in Lake Tahoe this weekend. What a treat. It was a super chill event - decent, but not overbearing sized crowd, minimal hipster-douchebag vibe, free drink tickets, awesome friends, etc. Could not have gotten much better. Only one negative - I neglected to bring a camera... and so did everyone else that tagged along with me. Fuck me? I was a few inches away from Jenny Lewis! Def could've taken some awesome shots. So it goes.

I'm finishing up my morning shift at AFS. Sooo tired after last night. Early mornings are not my thing. Did I mention that once we were back from Jenny Lewis, Kim and I decided to watch Mysterious Skin? Fabulous idea, considering I had work this morning. I don't have time to write up anything on it now... but I want to. Sheesh. Incredible, crazy, disturbing flick. Wow.

catch ya later~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

happy wednesday.

Just in case you live under a rock, don't pay attention to music blogs, and have any interest in Wavves ...

DL: Wavves - Mickey Mouse

strike that. reverse it.

Strike what I said about axing AFS... after talking with some senior apprentices today, I think I may want to stick around. I find the idea of working in the film industry somewhat daunting; I was discouraged from ever seriously attempting it throughout my entire childhood. Your parents might indulge your fleeting fancies (i.e. Can I be a star, mommy? Of course you can!), but they'll keep you in check all the same. "Fun" careers are achieved only by a select and lucky few. I don't want to be an actress, nor do I particularly want to be famous. At the end of the day, I just want to feel validated by the work I'm doing and happy with myself. It seems like there are a gazillion parts and pieces of the film industry I could get my hands on, and maybe be successful at managing/working on someday down the road. Who knows? Life trajectory shifts yet again.

For kicks. To make reading this entry worth while, you know.


p.s. Stop by The Marq tomorrow night (Wednesday) anytime until close for $2 domestics and awesome dj sets by both Ozton and Davros. I'll probably be there at some point in the night, barring natural disasters and other things of the sort.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

get your kicks.



Tiger Baby - That Feeling
Tiger Baby - Shy

I listened to Lost In You by Tiger Baby time and time again while on the metro in Santiago. For some reason the breathy vocals, and the sometimes elevator-like background electro beeps and blips, seemed to suit the sense of disassociation and isolation I used to experience while on the trains. There's something beautiful about feeling one and alone when surrounded by a hundred other living, breathing, dysfunctional souls.

Once again, I'm on the hunt for another internship/job. I'm not sure yet if I'll stay on at AFS in the fall and become an apprentice. I love working at and around Austin Studios, but a paid gig would be nice ;) In terms of career development, I'm beginning to drift back toward Hispanic market research and Latino targeted advertising/marketing. That's kinda where I wanna end up, but how? I feel this irrepressible need to have everything ironed out now, but I realize how unreasonable that desire is. I'm soliciting tips/tricks for figuring it out.

I gotta be up ridiculously early tomorrow... to spend a full day at AFS. Normal morning shift + kids summer film making camp. Zero compensation. So it goes.


Monday, July 20, 2009

one hundred.

photo - the girl and the muppet
by danielle kelly
courtesy of file mag

I apologize for the prolonged lull in blogging. This, ironically enough, is my 100th post. Little did my blog realize how disappointing and anticlimactic this once deemed momentous occasion would turn out to be. I'll soon be posting pics from Saturday night - Ghostland Observatory after party with Autobody (not sure on the sp here as I couldn't uncover a Myspace; this was their first ever gig, & gotta say, it was spectacular).

For the moment, I leave you with the above photo recently highlighted over on File.



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Click --> here <-- to find out who's taking over the earth.

Andddd guess what? This is my 99th post. Looks like we're coming up on quite a momentous occasion ;)

If you're up for some top notch mingling and socializing, come out to The Marq downtown tonight. It's at 4th & Congress. Ozton and Davros will be throwing down some sick beats. $2 domestics all night. See y'all there.

Monday, July 6, 2009

diamond life.

Sade - Smooth Operator

I had my iPod on shuffle at the gym today, and guess who popped up? SADE. Smooth Operator is so reminiscent of my childhood. I nearly laughed out loud whilst cycling away. Needless to say, the track instantly brightened my afternoon.

Hoover's, on the other hand, made my evening. mmm the delights of home cooking! I ordered chicken fried chicken with jalapeƱo creamed spinach and mac 'n cheese as my two sides. So delicious, so fattening. The perfect workout follow up? I think yes. Check out some of Hoover's stellar reviews at Yelp.

happy monday night~

you got courage.

from Fantasy of the Lot
The Lovely Feathers - Lowiza
The Lovely Feathers - Long Walks

from Hind Hind Legs
The Lovely Feathers - In the Valley
The Lovely Feathers - I Really Like You

'Fantasy of the Lot by' The Lovely Feathers has already dropped in Canada, but will be available in the U.S. on August 18. I'm just giving it a first listen now, and I'm already really digging it. I was first introduced to TLF by a friend. 'Hind Hind Legs' is a solid first effort; it's sweet, bemusing indie pop/rock. TLF somewhat facetiously describe themselves as healing and easy listening on their Myspace. And it's true, their sound will make you feel oddly at ease. It's somehow both familiar and foreign at the same time. Parallels could be drawn between TLF and Sunset Rubdown - they're both emitting a creative, funky brand of indie that's simultaneously emotionally charged and playful (in a delightfully childish way).