Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the single life.

My home page is set to Yahoo en español, one, because I am enamored of the Spanish language, and two, because I find the site ridiculously comical on an almost daily basis.

This blog popped up today as one of the main features... click here: WHY am I ALWAYS so FUCKING single?

Yeah, this only slightly miffed me. Yes, we should embrace being single.... but what if you're perennially alone?

When you're single you should take advantage of the time "para reencontrarse con ellos mismos, para darse cuenta de lo que quieren y lo que no quieren, para abrirse a conocer gente y a fortalecer las amistades que ya tienen, ¡para una buena elección amorosa!" bahahaha this is hilarious, although it holds some truth. The thing is, one becomes so desperate after an extended period, that hazard is thrown to the wind, mistakes are made, hearts aren't necessarily broken, but you're going nowhere. Seriously.

Kim and I are thinking about having an anti-Valentine's day bash complete with black, shattered hearts and emo kid music. Actually scratch that on the music. I can't tolerate it.

Thinking about changing the blog address & header... but I really do like pretending I'm still in Chile.

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