Thursday, July 19, 2012


Post mid-year resolution update.

1) Read 50 books, 5 of which are in Spanish - I've read almost 20, so dragging a little on this one.
2) Develop a portfolio, begin doing something with my money - A little research completed, but nothing significant.
3) Improve my Spanish language skills - This will always be a work in progress, but I just did spend a week in Nicaragua speaking almost exclusively in Spanish. 
4) Learn how to shoot, purchase my first handgun - Done.
5) Challenge myself at the gym with a more varied routine - Yep.
6) Push harder at work and take on more projects - Trying, generally. 
7) Cook often and try new recipes - Yes! Have been cooking weekly and making a concerted effort to try new things. 
8) Go out frequently and give myself the opportunity to meet people - Yes, to some extent; hardly successful though, haha. 
9) Start writing again - Need to work on this one. 
10) Plan travel now and go places in 2012! - Definitely have followed through - Utah, Germany, Nicaragua, Colorado.

An addendum - 
I want to learn how to drive a stick. 
I want to find a flexible volunteer cause to get involved in.

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