Sunday, May 24, 2009

message in a bottle.

They say that dreams are only real as long as they last. Couldn't you say the same thing about life?

Waking Life is a quick, breezy flick laced with probing and introspective dialogue. The film makes repeated stabs at divining the meaning behind life and existence; but in the end, we are left no more awake than asleep, and there can be no answer. Check out this review.

I enjoyed Linklater's use of rotoscoping to animate the film. Shot here in Austin, 'Waking Life' took over a year to animate. The film feels distinctly dreamlike and is effective at transporting the viewer into the protagonist's altered world. The animation is, in effect, essential to the story.

'Waking Life' is the stuff of a college kid's musings; it's the conversation we've all had and will have countless times over. Is there any way to put life into perspective? Nah. But we shouldn't stop trying.

Pillowtalk at its best.

Did I mention that Richard Linklater founded AFS?! So cool! Maybe I'll get the chance to meet him this summer; you never know...


So I've been back in Houston for Memorial Day Weekend, but am anticipating my return to Austin tomorrow afternoon. The weather - abysmal; the food - AMAZING.

I need to find a paying part-time job, and will be on the hunt beginning Tuesday. HELP! I'm sending out an SOS ;)

catch ya back in ATX~

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