Thursday, May 7, 2009

out with the trekkies.

OMG Star Trek.

No, I'm not an avid Star Trek fan, and quite far from classifiable as a trekkie, but I do enjoy J.J. Abram's work. Alias!!! in particular. I own all 5 seasons (is that embarrassing?), but even I will admit that it's not worth watching beyond season 3. And yes, I did once aspire to be a CIA agent in true Sydney Bristow style.

I'm hoping to catch the new and improved Star Trek tomorrow with my little bro. Contingent on whether or not I'm running a fever, that is. Did I mention I've been dying for the past week and a half? Had to go in for the works yesterday - IV with fluids, anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, etc. Ugh. Here's to good health.

Check out the contrast between Mondello's review for NPR and Lane's piece at the New Yorker.

Happy Thursday :)

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