Friday, August 14, 2009

aliens + vampires.

District 9.
see this review over @ the Village Voice.


In other movie news, who doesn't love a little Park Chan-Wook? Check out the trailer for Thirst, Chan-Wook's latest effort involving vampires (popular subject matter right now, eh?). I wanna see it.

I'm up at AFS, working my last shift. I decided not to stick around here for the fall, as I'm entertaining other awesome internship possibilities. Coming back in the spring will always be an option!

I'll be in Houston this weekend + some of next week, and am planning to blog with a little more frequency. I want to make mention of Bryan Poyser, Director of Artist Services here at AFS. I got the chance to see two of his films recently, and I have nothing but praise to give. I also want to throw around some Klosterman material, discuss my most recent movie nights with Giles (film god), talk about The Reader (maybe - I said I'd review it like a month ago), and post pics of my new pet rat (who finally received her name yesterday: Pancake). And oh yeah, we're starting a book club.


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Nicole said...

Did you get a free movie poster?