Sunday, March 29, 2009

don't know your name...

I neglected to post music last Sunday. Begging your nonexistent forgiveness. SXSW really took it out of me ;)

Above please find 'Heartbeart' by Annie as remixed by MSTRKRFT. Annie always transports me back in time to last summer. She's one of those cotton candy cute pop singers... but she has an edge. And I love it. Totally dig this remix.

While I'm at it, why not throw in a couple more...

Check this. Off 'It's Blitz!' the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. I prefer the remixed version to the original. This album is good, but I feel like it lacks the raw, crazy sound of their previous stuff. Just me maybe?

And last, but not least!

Only because Shanna was out at Mozart's and mentioned that she heard 'Monster Hospital' and thought of me.

That rounds it out for tonight. MSTRKRFT remixes galore. Maybe not optimal studying music, eh?

mil besitos!

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