Monday, March 16, 2009

i want to feel horizontal.

'Horizontal' is by Dinky (aka Alejandra Iglesias). Listen to/download it here. I first heard it in a compilation entitled, 'Get Lost,' and simply had to find out what it was. I love the way it builds - positively mesmerizing.

Dinky is a Chilean-born DJ and music producer currently residing in Berlin. Classically trained in ballet, she spent something like 7 years in New York at one point in her life. I'm a bit jealous of her life trajectory...

She played the other night with Matthew Styles at a club called La Feria in Santiago... ugh, I would have killed to have been there. Thomas and Pablo were able to meet her in person. 'Ella es una persona amorosa,' me dicen, meaning she's lovely.

q cool.

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