Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just take one.

To open with a classic...


'In the Morning' by Junior Boys, off their spectacular album 'So This Is Goodbye.'

Because it's Wednesday night, and I'm now liberated from all mundane activities pertaining to college, why not post about the new Junior Boys album?! Yes, I knew you were thinking exactly the same thing.

Junior Boys was yet another one of those defining groups of summer 2008 for me. I was beyond ready to move to Santiago and beyond over the drama/b-school/bullshit holding me back in Austin. Suffice it to say, both 'Last Exit' and 'So This Is Goodbye' hold dear places in my heart. Some of my favorite tracks being 'High Come Down', 'Teach Me How to Fight', 'Under the Sun', 'In the Morning', 'Like a Child', and 'The Equalizer' (not necessarily in that order).

I'm just breaking into their new release (which isn't actually out just yet) entitled 'Begone Dull Care.' Check out this stellar review off Obscure Sound, a music blog that I recently discovered. Also check this. It's an animation by Norman McLaren painted directly on film. Junior Boys was apparently inspired by his work.

'Parallel Lines' - first track off 'Begone Dull Sound.'

Enjoy :)

side note-

Kim and I watched 'Naked' earlier this evening. See trailer below.

It was one of my 2 for 1 picks at Vulcan this week. I think we're making a habit of renting on a regular basis. Escapism, an American pastime. God knows we need it. Solid, bizarre, twisted little flick.

Signing off - c.


Giles - The Name Above the Title said...

I watched "Naked" last semester. I'm still unsure about my feelings about it. I both hated and loved it; I loved some moments, and I hated other moments. A fascinating film, nonetheless. I think my favorite part was that extended sequence when David Thewlis is having that discussion with the security guard as they walk through the bulding about the nature of life and death and God.

frances said...


just went there to return videos! lol.