Sunday, March 15, 2009

an infidel for commitments.

Let me introduce you to Matthew Dear.

I posted this clip on Facebook the other day. I sporadically tend to post something Matthew Dear related every few weeks... I can't help it. I love him as an artist and DJ. ANDDDD he's going to be here. Yes, here. In Austin. Next Friday. Check it and come with? Matthew has run with a variety of pseudonyms - each one a different manipulation of his talents, including Audion, False, and Jabberjaw. If you want to delve into him, I would recommend starting with 'Asa Breed' by Matthew Dear, one of my all time favorite albums. It would make great Sunday night, beginning of spring break listening :)

'Deserter' tops my charts. Need I say more? An infidel for committments... this song provides a tagline for my blog. Oh the revelations! How they abound!


From music we segway to film. Logical.

I rather like Almodovar, and I'm looking forward to seeing this. Within please find 7 'Exclusive!' scenes from'Abrazos Rotos,' or 'Broken Embraces' (the working title in English). It's film noir and Penelope Cruz!


Last but not least ... I want this tunic. And why not?

It's Urban Outfitters & not terribly expensive. I need new clothes! It seems like I'm always rocking the standard v-neck/skinny jean combo. It's getting a little tiresome.

buenas noches <3


frances said...

totally saw that today at urban! haha

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