Thursday, June 4, 2009

11:11 is lucky.

Harlem Shakes + Passion Pit @ Emo's Austin 06.03.09

Two of the scant pictures I managed to snap last night. We weren't close enough to manage anything better unfortunately. Harlem Shakes opened the night; Passion Pit brought the show home. Only two downfalls - 1) I have a cold (seriously? yes); and 2) The crowd emanated this awful hipster wannabe, in your face kinda vibe. More than a few obnoxious people deserved to be slapped. Wah!

On to bigger and better things... blog header revamp! I was tired of the romantic, sappiness of my old design. How's this? Rest assured, it'll change again in month or two ;)

Also - a few shots from my recent foray into the wild aka Becker Vineyards and Luckenbach. Enjoy!

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