Monday, June 8, 2009

how deep is too deep?

pics taken at the Austin Zoo. Great Sunday afternoon trip :)

Sorry to report there won't be any Animal Collective shots. I brought my Canon to the show Friday night, but we were too far back to take anything quality. The concert was fun, despite the fact that I'm not the hugest AnCo fan. Somehow we managed to completely miss Black Dice, the opener. mmhmm yep.

In other news, I'm packing it off to the Caymans ridiculously early on Wednesday morning. Like I have to leave for the airport at 3:45ish in the AM. YIKES. I'm driving back to h-town tomorrow afternoon after my morning shift at AFS. This all obviously leading up to the fact that I'll be taking a week-long blogging hiatus. Enjoy the break ;)

Lastly, I want to throw more minimal at you. It's been far too long. Even though almost no one downloads this shit, and most of my friends can't comprehend my passion for it, here's something new: mountain 005.1 (original mix) - the mountain people.

mountain people are described as minimalist deep house. their stuff is slow to build, funky, and delightfully deep. No one seems to know much about these guys, adding a little intrigue into the mix. Play this one a few times & let it grow on you. I assure you, it will. Fabulous beats!

until next week!

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Nicole said...

I like how this entry is about your life, whereas the majority of others are about music and art. It doesn't quite fit. This blog should be entitled "oddity".