Friday, June 26, 2009

mosey on over.

Red Stripe presents a celebration of Jamaican music
Featuring Terry Lynn & John Hugo

Friday, June 26th
8 – 11PM
The Independent (501 I-35 at E. 5 & Brushy) Austin, TX

Free Red Stripe Lager
This is a private, RSVP only event. You must be 21+ for entry.
Admission Based On Capacity.

After party at Creekside

Presented by Red Stripe and Knuckle Rumbler
606 E. 7th St. Austin, TX 78701


FREE Red Stripe! TONIGHT! If you rsvp'd, that is. It closed earlier this afternoon. I got the flyer in my inbox from Fader a week or 2 ago, but neglected to post it sooner. My apologies. It's also been all over the Austin blogs for at least a week now, but why not share it with my unique, albeit limited, readership?

Red Stripe commercials = genius. Shout out to Nicole for first introducing these to me something like ten thousand years ago :)

happy friday!