Thursday, June 18, 2009

we let it go too far.

I discovered Engineers while browsing music blogs on the Cayman trip. I promise this band is worlds more accessible than the minimal I typically post. It's shoegaze-y, indie rock goodness. Check out this review of their first and self-titled album on Pitchfork. I've yet to pick it up, but I can assure you that Three Fact Fader (their 2nd effort) is worth your time.

The opening tracks, to whet your appetite:
Engineers - Clean Coloured Wire
Engineers - Sometimes I Realise (love love love this)

Pick up the album :)

Maybe I'll do a Cayman recap post soon. I have awesome shots of myself and the fam swimming with stingrays and, of course, the requisite gazillion pretty beach shots.

I'm about to pack if off for AFS... check out next week's Essential Cinema screening - The Masseurs and a Woman. The site is saying sold out, but there should still be tickets available at the door. I think all the members have gone through and RSVP'd for every singe screening whether or not they're actually planning on coming. Lame.

catch ya later~

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