Monday, February 16, 2009

ego tripping.

So it's that time of the week again, kids. Pumped for the start of yet another Monday? I have a special treat just for you this week. A mix of tracks by Gui Boratto, all of them, I believe, from his album Chromophobia. I've been rocking out and/or studying with Gui since last spring-ish. I think you'll enjoy his work. Wow, I can't believe I'm actually keeping this weekly music thing up.


--- To start, 'The Verdict,' which ironically enough is the last track on the album.

--- Next, 'Chromophobia,' the title track.

--- 'Acrostico.'

--- And last, but not least, 'Mr. Decay' as remixed by Robert Babicz. If you've ever been at my apartment on a Friday or Saturday night, you've probably heard this track... maybe more than just a few times.


And so, because I feel like shooting the shit just a bit longer and avoiding my homework...

Side trip: 60 Minutes Sunday edition is a weekly tradition of sorts for me, and while I anticipate catching a new episode, I kind of also dread it (it marks the end of the weekend after all). This week one of the opening stories focused in on Eckhard Tolle, a retired academic who has since enlightened all sorts of folk (including Paris Hilton and Oprah) with his personal life philosophy. The ego is what inhibits us from enjoying the present moment, and we must learn to just let go of all things trivial. Various Christian groups are attacking him for his statements about religion - according to Tolle all religions have equal founding and no one is superior to another. The fact that Christians deem other religions wrong and sacrilegious is evidence of the ego at work. Though a bit batty, Tolle seems genuine, and yes!!! he did encourage me to think more positively about my life at the moment. Considering this weekend was a bit of a disppointment, I kind of needed the boost. Other stories included the looming threat of an Al Qaeda takeover in Pakistan, and concerns regarding the American steel industry's fate in light of the stimulus package. Love 60 Minutes.

And this is Christine, over & out.
un beso enorme.


Shirelle said...

Christine! Totally enjoyed the music from this post. Keep it up, I need a music makeover.


Shirelle said...

Christine! totally enjoyed the music from this post. Keep it up, I am in major need of a music makeover.


e said...

hi, just thought I'd let you know I'm reading/listening. I always like I'm intruding if I read someone's blog without their knowledge...


Nicole said...

...Should be studying, test today.

I'll listen to this music to pump me up.

One Comment.

You mentioned that Christians in general believe their religion is superior to others. When in fact, every modern religion seems to claim that there's is the only, one true religion.

I just feel that if you mention one, you should also keep in mind that it's not just the Christian mindset.

christine marie said...

True. I don't identify with any one religion, nor do I think any of them have any basis for claiming superiority. 60 minutes brought up the Christian opposition to Tolle because it was most relevant to mention in an evening broadcast to a largely American-Christian audience.

There is no one, true religion.