Wednesday, February 11, 2009

single on v-day? solution: autoamor.

Another gem from the front page of Yahoo! en Español.

Pay special attention to the suggestions made at the end of the blog, especially:

"Por cada recuerdo bueno, prende una vela, por cada dolor ya superado prende una vela y asimila la lección aprendida. Con la luz de las velas, simbólicamente, honras tu vida y toda tu historia."

y esto:

"Brinda con champaña porque estás llena de amor y alegría para regalar a tus seres queridos, en este momento presente."

Thank you, Yahoo! en Español, for attempting to make me feel better about being single and for encouraging me to love myself. Your tips are simply and unequivocally priceless, as always.

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clifsblingbling said...

I was listening to the radio yesterday, and the announcer was pulling out random facts and things he's heard out of his ass, like always...and evidently there's a large anti Valentine's Day Movement. Way to follow the crowd.

(On another note, I had to enter an identity..and I can't believe I remember that name, it's been basically 2 years since I've been on that.)