Sunday, February 22, 2009

respira por tus manos... respira por tus pies

And so, I have left all my thousands upon thousands of avid blog followers destitute and without sustenance all week long. Forgive me, countless readers. It was a busy (more like boring/hellish) week, which was later to be capped off with an even more disheartening weekend. It really wasn't THAT bad, but nothing to write home about.. There were several articles/topics/artists that I wanted to blog about throughout the course of the week, but time was always lacking. I promise to be back on top of things next week!

My music selection this week is from Alejandro Vivanco, a Chilean DJ and producer. I saw him spin a set live at Piso 33 in Santiago. Good stuff. This is 'Madre Tierra' .... enjoy!

Te dejo un beso.


Nicole said...

Maybe nothing to write home about...

christine marie said...

oh whatever. they really wouldn't mind ;)