Monday, February 23, 2009

you are what you love, not what loves you.

"There are too many ideas and things and people. Too many directions to go. I was starting to believe the reason it matters to care passionately about something, is that it whittles the world down to a more manageable size. " - Susan Orlean (Meryl Streep)

Let me preface this by stating that 'Adaptation' is not one of my favorite movies, but that I find it somewhat thought provoking. I think it's a pitch perfect movie up until the last half hour, at which point it disintegrates into pointless drivel (although I'm sure it could all be rationalized, and in fact I could actually rationalize it myself, but that doesn't make me like it!).

We are all so caught up in ourselves, so concerned with creating a persona that can be appreciated, accepted, and perhaps even loved. Our interests and pursuits define us, do they not? They are our basis for choosing friends and selecting companions. But things inevitably feel empty on that rare, off occasion. It is then that we are aware of all our sick self-obfuscation.

Then you carry on. And it becomes Tuesday morning.... but things do change.

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frances said...

oh my god definitely one of my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e movies. i LOVELOVELOVLEVELOVELOVEEE charlie kaufman.

"fuck fish!"

he he.