Monday, July 20, 2009

one hundred.

photo - the girl and the muppet
by danielle kelly
courtesy of file mag

I apologize for the prolonged lull in blogging. This, ironically enough, is my 100th post. Little did my blog realize how disappointing and anticlimactic this once deemed momentous occasion would turn out to be. I'll soon be posting pics from Saturday night - Ghostland Observatory after party with Autobody (not sure on the sp here as I couldn't uncover a Myspace; this was their first ever gig, & gotta say, it was spectacular).

For the moment, I leave you with the above photo recently highlighted over on File.




Nicole said...

You took pictures? How are you getting pictures?

christine marie said...

I'm going to steal them from you, of course! hehe... but I'll give you photo credit. Hopefully you got some good ones of both of us :)