Friday, July 24, 2009



Yes, that is my brother at Video Games Live in Houston.

It's FRIDAY!!! ... which is somehow not nearly as great as it is during the school year, but it's still mildly pleasing all the same. I'm not sure what's on the docket for tonight; there's no way in hell it could possibly top last night, though. AFS hooked me up with FREE tickets to see Kaki King and Jenny Lewis in a private concert over at The Parish. The event was sponsored by Converse and Target in conjunction with the Wanderlust Festival, taking place in Lake Tahoe this weekend. What a treat. It was a super chill event - decent, but not overbearing sized crowd, minimal hipster-douchebag vibe, free drink tickets, awesome friends, etc. Could not have gotten much better. Only one negative - I neglected to bring a camera... and so did everyone else that tagged along with me. Fuck me? I was a few inches away from Jenny Lewis! Def could've taken some awesome shots. So it goes.

I'm finishing up my morning shift at AFS. Sooo tired after last night. Early mornings are not my thing. Did I mention that once we were back from Jenny Lewis, Kim and I decided to watch Mysterious Skin? Fabulous idea, considering I had work this morning. I don't have time to write up anything on it now... but I want to. Sheesh. Incredible, crazy, disturbing flick. Wow.

catch ya later~

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