Saturday, July 25, 2009

j. lew

Click! & connect to shots of Jenny Lewis from Thursday night. Thanks go out to ultra8201. Thank god someone had their shit together and brought a camera ;)

Happy Saturday! We're grilling out in a little bit, maybe doing some hot-tubbing, and quite possibly watching Gremlins (and Gremlins 2?). Someone made an exceptionally poor decision and sold their copy of Gremlins back to Half-Price Books. Seriously, people. That is a movie that you simply do not sell. I also picked up Mulholland Drive (old favorite, gotta love Lynch every once in awhile), a collection of essays by Klosterman (LOVE him, duh SD&CP!), The Reader (yes, I keep reading books that have been turned into movies, which also just happen to star Kate Winslet - is there a problem with this?), and We Were the Mulvaneys (impulse buy, award winner, just embarrassed that it was an Oprah selection).


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