Monday, April 27, 2009

losing my religion?

Poney Pt. 1 - Vitalic

This isn't new by any means...but... Electronic dogs! hehe

Shout it out loud: a quick and interesting article from The New York Times on the growing presence of open atheists who are, in a sense, forming a religion of their own.

Any opinions on the stigma (if you believe one to exist) associated with atheism?



thirdgear said...

I believe aggressive Atheist are completely missing the point. You can cut the irony with a knife... "It’s not about carrying banners or protesting," but clearly, it is.

South Park's treatment of these issues has been, by far, the most entertaining.

Neo said...

if I believe one to exist? are you kidding? of course there is a stigma. especially here in Texas. you don't want to be telling people that you don't believe in God. it's like if you tell people you question things, then it's ok. but if you say that you're an atheist, then you're going to hell. our society (especially people on the right) are very against the idea of atheism and they all think that we're devil worshippers and child molesters. however, that couldn't be further from the truth. and sure, of course it's about putting up a banner and protesting if you think your civil rights have been infringed upon. that's what America is supposed to be about.

Neo said...

also, see my blog post -- case 2 & 3 --