Thursday, April 16, 2009

a love supreme.

photo - zebraplay - anna hurtig - file mag

Children are really bizarre, fascinating creatures. We reminisced over dinner last night (FREE chicken fried chicken at Threadgills - many thanks to Frances for the heads up!) about the oddities and absurdities that somehow come to define childhood. Honest to god, we do some weird shit as kids.

If you're a fan of NPR on facebook, you've probably already seen this... What music should first grace your child's ears? What kind of impact, if any, might it have? I have no clue what I might've first heard - something at least acceptable in the 80s?

Got to be off to CLA for the afternoon. The festival begins next Wednesday!!! & the schedule is finally up on the site. Check it out :)


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Nicole said...

My first song was probably the 70's. My parents say that when my brother was in the womb (sounds kinda awkward) that they went to a concert, and he was kicking along the whole time...does that count?