Sunday, April 5, 2009

we're nowhere yet.

'Light Pollution' - Dirty on Purpose.

Once again, an old favorite. Kind of Notwist era for me, maybe just a little later. It's off 'Hallelujah Sirens' - an incredible album. I've been feeling slightly off, slightly melancholic, slightly shit all day... but this band will hopefully push/shove you into Monday mildly uplifted, whether you want it to roll around or not. At least you're listening to good music, right?

"The desire to be cool is - ultimately - the desire to be rescued. It's the desire to be pulled from the unwashed masses of society. It's the desire to be advanced beyond the faceless humanoid robots who will die unheralded deaths and never truly matter, mostly because they all lived the same pedestrian life. Without the spoils of exclusionary coolness, we're just cogs in the struggle."
- by guess who?

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